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All that the customer must do in such a case is contact the AOL customer service by dialling the AOL contact number. As soon as a customer does that the service providers try and help them by solving any problem being faced by them. AOL Customer Support provides the best Tech Suport. So for the Aol Support, you can call at 0800-029-1869.

aol customer service uk

Cant send or receive emails.

Cant access AOL account

AOL website is not opening

AOL login screen is frozen

Not able to send or receive the attachment file

Account hacked or virus issue

AOL email username and Password issue

Not able to download AOL extension or application

AOL Customer Service

so above are some common AOL problem. you can call AOL Customer support for any of these problems or any AOL other problem you have. 

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What Are the AOL Mail POP3 Settings?

What Are the AOL Mail POP3 Settings?

What Are the AOL Mail POP3 Settings?


The world of AOL is unique and diverse. people all across the globe use AOL. But then there are others who prefer the primary option of linking all the accounts into certain apps such as Gmail, apple mail or windows mail where they can see all of their emails under one catalogue. AOL contact number are provided on the service page where you can clarify all doubts related to the service and can have a seamless experience in emailing. But then receiving your AOL emails in others apps might require some tweaking in the POP3 settings of your AOL account for this feature to be enabled. Hence the below steps will guide you as to how you can activate the feature in the settings of AOL. Let’s gets started.

AOL Incoming POP3 Mail Configuration.

There are certain settings that need to be activated in your AOL account for you to have your AOL mail to be sent to your other accounts. AOL customer service really pumps you in getting started on the right path and have a wonderful time in the merging of your other email accounts. It’s really simple and easy. Just follow the steps given below.

1. Log on to the server of AOL which is

2. Enter your username which is the word before

3. Then enter the password for the account.

4. The port of 995 is used by AOL mail POP.

5. Also, there is a requirement of TLS/SSL for receiving AOL mail.

AOL Outgoing Mail.

For outgoing Mail, there aren’t any specific instructions as there might be some differences between each of the devices that you might be using. The link for AOL outgoing mail server is where you can have your AOL mail sent through any of the primary accounts that you have linked the account to.

  • Issues that you might face after merging your previous account to AOL.
  • Might be difficult to send or receive emails. At times mails are sent but done get any confirmation.
  • At times your AOL account might be frozen and wont open. Also it might log you out and not give access even though you might be entering the right username and password.
  • Attaching things becomes a hassle and your account is very prone to be attacked by viruses or even hacked.
  • Extensions cannot be attached to the service and might need the assistance of AOL support to clear out the issue.

Hence make sure that you follow the instructions as per the AOL guidelines to sync all of your mail for AOL into one primary account in one of the apps that you use. Also the AOL app (which happens to be an instant messaging service) is also a must as the AOL support gives you a marvelous experience in the overall usage. Once you start upgrading your AOL account, you are greeted with more benefits and numerous administrative features. But then once you switch to AOL, then you might have some disputes. AOL Tech Support really does the trick and can give clear your queries in no time.

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